Marriage Retreat

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Build a Legacy.

September 22-24, 2023

Miramar Beach, Florida

Your Retreat Leaders: Loving on Purpose

Danny & Sheri Silk

Ben & Brittney Serpell

The Silk's Story

Sheri and I had 15 rough years of marriage before we finally gained the skills and tools to turn things around and build the connection and family we always hoped for. Our journey has strengthened us to be able to give hope, healing, and skills to any relationship that is hurting or thriving. Loving On Purpose is our vehicle for exporting these tools to people around the world.

The Serpell's Story

Ben and Brittney believe that whole, healthy families can change the world. Married over 15 years and with 3 amazing kids, Delani, Adalyn and Lincoln. They love equipping families to build connected, loving relationships.

Enjoy 7 Encouraging Sessions Where You Will Learn To

Understand and Choose Forgiveness

We all have a story, and each story has a scar that gives us names and subtitles. Unforgiveness and labels can rob us of intimacy. We will guide you to put the work in to be free.

Keep Connection Your Goal

We all desire the goal of our marriage to be connection, yet so often we are living with a different goal. Learn to identify your current goal and get back on track.

Be Powerful

When you realize you can be in charge of you and no one else, you will have the power to take complete ownership of yourself. Learn to trust God as your source and then be freed to direct your love into your marriage.

Respectful Communication

The exchange of truth builds trust, yet so many of us are terrified to let anyone close. Learn to build trust in your marriage.

Choose Love Over Fear

Love chases away fear, and fear chases away love. Learn to increase the love in your marriage to lower the fear and create the environement you have been longing for.

Honor Healthy Boundaries

A boundary shows what you value. Learn to build deep levels of respect by setting and honoring healthy boundaries.

Enjoy Mature Love

We are made to live in joy AND enjoy each other. Learn way to cultivate an enjoyment of eah other in your marriage.

The Emerald Coast of Florida

In the Sandestin Community

This is a new hotel experience, but we come from a deeply rooted culture of genuine southern hospitality, set in a welcoming community that is ready to share meaningful experiences with you.

In the vibrant community of Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort and its 2,400 acres of lush landscape and coastal beauty is the perfect backdrop for the southern luxury of Hotel Effie.

Experience the stunning emerald-green water of the Gulf of Mexico at Hotel Effie's beach. From Hotel Effie, take a ride on the private shuttle, where you're then escorted to your location. Unwind and be inspired by the sound of crashing waves in luxury beach chairs. Get your fun on with beach games and non-motorized sports. Do everything or simply nothing at all; we won't judge.

Experience Hotel Effie

The Location


Cost - $799/couple


  • 7 Empowering and Equipping Sessions
  • Friday night dinner
  • Saturday breakfast and dinner
  • Sunday morning breakfast.
  • Couple's Swag Bag full of gifts, tools and resources to build a connected marriage.

Accommodations are booked separately:

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Legacy Marriage Retreat


Danny and Sheri Silk &

Ben and Brittney Serpell

We build powerful people. People who choose love over fear. People who strengthen and protect quality relational connections. We are passionate about equipping people to create a powerful relational legacy for future generations in their homes, organizations, and communities.

Hosted By:

Troy and Tracy Duhon

We are a New Orleans, Louisiana nonprofit dedicated to changing lives through love. Our mission is simple: To give glory to God and to promote human dignity. We feed, clothe, house, and provide fellowship to those in need, in our community and around the world.

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